We’re changing the cost of care for those who need it most

You may not be surprised to learn that even those with health insurance struggle to pay their medical bills. But did you know part-time and contract workers and uninsured and lower-income employees are often the hardest hit by health inequities? It’s these employees who don’t know:


Where to go to get affordable care


What to do when they can’t pay a medical bill


Who can help when debt collectors come calling

Upland Advocacy helps employees find the financial support they deserve so they can get the care they need.

We partner with employers seeking to potentially reduce or eliminate medical expenses for employees, regardless of their insurance status.


of adults have healthcare debt, and half of them are in collections*


of households can’t afford the average HDHP deductible*


Americans delay or skip care due to healthcare costs*

Let’s start reducing medical bills and debt for your employees, both insured and uninsured.

Our advocates leverage their expertise in healthcare billing, consumer protection laws and financial assistance programs to potentially:

  • Connect employees to free or reduced-cost medical care
  • Negotiate outstanding medical bills
  • Provide support to employees with medical debt in collections

Upland Advocacy benefits everyone

Whether your workforce is comprised of full-time, part-time or temporary employees, Upland Advocacy helps improve your company’s productivity and bottom line.

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Employees get an extra layer of protection

  • Enhanced access to free or reduced-cost healthcare
  • A way to reduce or potentially eliminate medical debt
  • An advocate to provide support with debt collectors

Employers get an improved workforce

  • More affordable health plan options (MECs & HDHPs)
  • Health plan savings from a decrease in care delays
  • A benefit to offer employees not eligible for a health plan


Prioritizing care and

Astrid, a cancer patient, was sent to collections for OOP treatment expenses and was unsure how she could afford future treatment. Upland assisted her with applying to a financial assistance program allowing her to focus on the treatment she needed to get well.

Before Upland


medical bill in collections

After Upland


discounted services for ongoing treatment


Improved financial wellness

Jacob had a preventative colonoscopy and polyp removal, could not pay the OOP expenses and was sent to collections. Upland reviewed the bill, found a coding error, drafted a letter to the debt collector and supported him with the counteroffer and payment submission.

Before Upland


medical bill in collections

After Upland




Changing despair to hope

Tanya was hospitalized for chronic depression and denied three times for financial assistance even though her annual income was $9,000. Upland appealed twice to the provider, then to the collections agency and, through persistence, the debt was cleared.

Before Upland


medical bill in collections

After Upland


relief of debt on fourth attempt

Individual results may vary. Names and photos have been changed, but represent real member stories.

Start Holding Healthcare AccountablE

Add a new level of protection for your employees

Let Upland Advocacy run a custom analysis of your employee census to show you how we can make the cost of healthcare fair for your employees and your business.