Relief is available.
If you know where to find it.

In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced new regulations codified under Section 501(r) of the Internal Revenue Code mandating that a non-profit hospital is required to have financial assistance policies and follow reasonable billing and collections methods.

We’re here to connect people to the 4,000+ financial assistance programs in the U.S.

How we deliver value

We start by listening to your employees to identify the best path forward. Our bundled services vary depending on your workforce demographics, but may include:


Identify programs that offer free or reduced-cost care and uncover ways to resolve existing medical debt.


Engage in pre-service negotiations, review bills for accuracy and negotiate outstanding medical bills.


Empower members to know their rights and ensure all regulations are being followed by collectors.

Upland Advocacy easily integrates into your existing strategy

Ensuring fair healthcare costs for all means making sure every employee can benefit from our services, whether they’re full-time, part-time or temporary employees. That’s why we offer flexible plans that are designed for your unique needs and work with any plan type — fully insured or self-funded.


Our Employee Benefit Plan works with any health plan type — RBP, PPO, MEC — and includes:

  • Financial advocacy assistance
  • Medical bill negotiations
  • Collections support


Our Uninsured Customized Solutions may include:

  • Financial advocacy assistance
  • Medical bill negotiations
  • Collections support
  • Telemedicine
  • Pharmacy discounts
  • Specialty pharmacy financial assistance

We lead communications with employees

With every case, employees establish a relationship with an advocate that is completely confidential. We listen to employees and educate them on their rights and their options.



Upland Advocacy uses a proprietary algorithm, available claims analytics and referrals from TPA and partners to identify eligible employees.



Employees can reach out to Upland Advocacy via phone, email or online form. Our advocates listen to understand how they can best support employees.



A course of action is recommended, and next steps are facilitated by the member with ongoing support from an advocate until a resolution is reached.

Start Holding Healthcare AccountablE

Add a new level of protection for your employees

Let Upland Advocacy run a custom analysis of your employee census to show you how we can make the cost of healthcare fair for your employees and your business.